The healing aspect of films

The city of Alexandroupolis is ready to embrace Cinematherapy Festival (CF), the world’s first and only film festival dedicated to the healing aspect of the movies. Inside the stories we can find ourselves. Cinema has the power to touch the viewers without having hands. It can move, shock, transform and heal us. Cinematherapy Festival aims to promote the art of film as a vehicle for self discovery and a stimulus for dialogue about what concerns us. CF aspires to provide a soothing space for the heart, mind, body and soul. The selected films will be specially divided in screening slots in coherence with their common cinematherapy theme. After each session there will be an interactive discussion with a psychotherapist, the audience and the attended film creators.

CF is not a competitive festival. All films will be specially watched and judged by psychologists and practitioners of the Cinematherapy field.  Each officially selected film will receive a unique individual analysis which will include a detailed review on how the cinematherapy principles are embodied in each specific movie.